X-Tact analyses public sentiments to present a summarized and actionable view of ground reality to the party leadership.

About Us

The Overview

X-Tact helps a political party understand public sentiments at the ground level. It provides booth-level insights which can be a great tool at the time of elections as well as for management and governance for a party in power. The tool enables a candidate to identify issues and sharpen his communication strategy which can potentially bring a swing of 3%-4% in his vote count.

Simplify communication between Party Workers

A political candidate typically has more than 200 ground level workers keeping in direct contact with voters. They are usually aware of their issues and mindset. However, the information passes through 4-6 levels of hierarchy, which creates certain challenges. Communication between the candidate and the workers happen through multiple channels like SMS, WhatsApp, phone calls etc. It is always not possible for a candidate to remember and act on all important communications. As the ground level communication passes through 4-6 levels of hierarchy before reaching the party leadership, chances of important issues not reaching the party leadership are quite high. Not accurately knowing the issues public face results in communication gap. A leader ends up communicating what he or his party wants and not what voters would like to hear.

About Us

X-Tact App for Secured, Hierarchy Based Communication

X-Tact has a private messenger app for enhancing communication between the party and workers. The unique thing about the app is that the view on the level of app will depend on hierarchy as defined by the candidate. Workers can type in English or Hindi, record voices; send audios, videos and pictures through this app. It is also a fully secured app preventing data leakage. Once all discussions start happening on the X-Tact app, the party leadership get a clear view of what is happening on the ground. It also generates huge quantities of unstructured data in text, voice, pictures and video forms.

About Us

Analysing Unstructured Data

A great thing about X-Tact is that it analyses all this data and presents a summarised and actionable view to the party leadership. We use voice to text technology to convert voice files into texts. On the entire dataset, we run sentiment analysis of various types like aggregate sentiments, word frequency, tf-idf, bigrams and word correlations to come up with insights which are readily comprehensible and actionable for the leaders. This is complemented with a dashboard which has all the publicly available data like census and electoral data. It is also possible to key in all the internal data that a political party or a candidate may have and show it on the dashboard. The dashboard has a map view where one can zoom in and see all the important data points.

X-Tact App:

The App brings voter issues at the ground level to the notice of party leadership.

Sentiment Analysis:

Analytics help understand voter sentiments from unstructured data

Dashboard with Map View:

A dashboard with map view for easy access anytime anywhere.

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