Conversational Executive Assistant for teams that reduces everyday conversations to actionable tasks and to-do lists. So you stay on track and understand the synergy between your team’s work and productivity


The Overview is a network-oriented task collaboration platform turning complex spoken and typed conversations around by creating to-do lists and tasks. plays a role of an empathetic manager of your projects and teams, helping you derive essential metrics from insightful data taken from understanding how you communicate. Through Natural Language Process (NLP), is able to break down conversations to understand the context, identify the intention and enable users to take the appropriate action all on the fly.

Driven by content, powered by Language Understanding and Generation

A large barrier for a team's productivity is ineffective communication. automatically turns the users communicated data into actionable tasks, key points and minutes of a meeting - wherever important conversations take place. Like every good team’s capability to ingest facts, figures and reciprocate the same information to different audiences as reports, updates - aspires to be a solution by using language generation and cognitive AI skills to engage with individuals and teams conversationally. integrates anywhere - recognizes imperfections in conversations not only integrates with top communication applications (Whatsapp, Slack, Email and more) but also integrates productivity tools (Calendar, Google Meet and other customised solutions) that have proven to be effective amongst teams.’s API’s are developer friendly and integrates to any custom built messenger or communications solution.’s continuously learns how you engage and communicate with your teams and adapts into a better assistant customised for you. as a conversational executive assistant and a networking application is developed to work seamlessly amongst teams that have diverse preferences in communication channels. The core concept of is that it is driven by content which is why the UX is conversational. converses with you on what probable task to focus on, suggests efficient teams, eliminates organizational friction by visualizing groups that communicate effectively keeping deadlines and priorities as an important factor of consideration. introduces you to like minded individuals that can assist you in your projects broadening your network while empowering a community mindset of getting things done.

Natural Language Interfacing

Task recognition and conversational UX to better help understand your schedules, teams and workflows.

Easy Task Management

Administrative & Executive Assistant, Scheduling, planning, generating invoices, reports and much more.

Platform accessibility and API’s integrates on top of communication platforms where productive conversations happen. integrates with any custom made voice or text communication with developer friendly API’s.

Discovery & Strategy

Identify opportunities to optimize business processes and performance with technology and data science.


Design & Delivery

Turn your strategy into execution. World-class designs are matched with exceptional software development and execution to set your company apart.


Future Ready

Evolve constantly to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for the future with the latest in technology and data science.