A platform to shop socially via brand-tagged user-generated content.


The Overview

Woovly, a platform to “Shop Socially” via the brand tagged user generated content, giving great ideas, bargains and shopping tips, empowers the millennial to purchase with credibility.

Once they 'like' it, they want to buy instantly.

Millennials spend hours on the internet looking for 'what's next'. They are curious about what their peers are wearing/using, by which brand, and at what cost. Woovly has a community that validates these purchase ideas with brand-tagged content for discovery, along with reviews and recommendations from other users.

Shop Instantly

The buyer is enabled by user and influencer reviews. 52% millennials post reviews on the products they have used and 28% buy due to social media recommendations.

The Entrepreneurs

Venkat J - Co-Founder and CEO Venkat Jay is Co-Founder and CEO at Woovly. He is also an Angel Investor at Internet and Technology Startups . He has graduated from Stanford University Graduate School of Business .

Neha Suyal - Co-founder and CTO Neha Suyal is Co-founder at Woovly. She has graduated from Stanford University .


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Future Ready

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