TaxiTop has brought about the next evolution of Digital outdoor advertising through innovative on-vehicle advertising.

Digital Moving Billboard

Vehicle top is an underutilized advertising medium in desperate need of disruption. In both the traditional taxi and ride-sharing spaces there are thousands of rooftops that could be generating millions of brand impressions but are instead doing almost nothing. With the sophistication of today’s marketing technology, innovators will find success in digital media. TaxiTop Media has collaborated with Uber India to monetise this opportunity.

Digital Outdoor Advertising: The Uber Way

There's no denying that Car wrap branding through Taxi wraps are a quite popular design product for small businesses. The vehicles come with a great advertising space that is seen by everyone moving all around. It's like a mobile billboard with ad space for which a business owner has to pay for.

According to the statistics, vehicle wraps work as the most cost-effective methods of advertising available today in the marketing world. The cost-per-impression of this method of advertising is mind-blowing as a single branded vehicle can garnish between 30 to 80 thousand views in a single day, depending upon the routes and area travelled.

The vehicle is transformed into a billboard on wheels to advertise for your company 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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One-to-Many Advertising with GPS-Driven Programming

Like most Out of home inventory, digital vehicle top advertising is one-to-many medium. Because the digital asset is on the move and communicates real-time GPS location, media can be programmed for playback in predefined geofences. Combined with key value pairings like time of day, weather and other live data, the vehicle top medium offers a dimension of targeting, unique to OOH.

Our content management software, when paired with the Digital TaxiTop Display, can report when and where each ad is played, and provide the impression metrics that marketers use to understand the ROI of their media buys.

Extensive Reach

The impressions are huge, due to the largest number of cars in the fleet as well as the distance and locations they travel.

High ROI

The cost-per-impression over the life is extremely low, especially when compared to the cost of Radio or TV advertising.

Remote Network Management

Digital vehicle top displays are connected to a cellular network to facilitate the location-based content playback.

The Entrepreneur

Harsh Vardhan Mahipal is the Director and Founder of TaxiTop Media Ltd. With 15 years work experience, his enterprise, commitment, ambition and enthusiasm has enabled him to work and excel across several different industries. Harsh has experience in retail, banking and global procurement and has been working in marketing and advertising since 2014. Working across multiple sectors has honed Harsh's passion in marketing and understanding brands and deepened his desire to work with Companies to help market themselves better through targeted advertising on both conventional and digital platforms. Harsh holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calcutta and an International Certificate of Management from the University of Bedfordshire, UK.

Harshvardhan Mahipal

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