Snaphunt matches roles with talent for a skill and personality fit, so that people find jobs they love and companies hire employees who stay longer.


The Overview

Snaphunt is a recently launched job site for the Singapore market. It aims to match roles with talent for a skill and personality fit, so that people find jobs they love, and companies hire employees who stay longer.

It offers recruiters powerful tools to identify, qualify and engage with their hire in a convenient way. It brings a candidate jobs that fit their unique skills, strengths and preferences.

The Need Gap

Very often the biggest challenge for organizations is not to get applicants for a role but selecting the right candidate out of the thousands of applications. That is where the role of a recruiter come in. Recruiters often just glances through a resume or a candidate's profile for a few seconds and decide the fate of the candidate. This way, the organization frequently misses out on genuine talent. This is an extremely time-consuming exercise for even the most efficient recruiter. The organizations often pay significant amount of their HR budget to placement consultants.

What if there was a tool to do all of this? Within a few seconds, with the intelligence of a human recruiter but diligently and efficiently, which is beyond human capabilities and at a nominal cost.

About Us

Augmented Intelligence

Snaphunt matches roles with talent that can do the job, aligns values, is truly motivated by what your company and the role has to offer. As a result, we help you hire happier, more productive employees who are more likely to stay. Snaphunt's proprietary assessment 'Snapsych', is based on established psychometric models and has been adapted for the modern workplace. It measures a candidate’s work style and preferences under four main themes which are crucial to workplace success. Each candidate’s assessment result forms part of their overall match score to the role and is also provided to potential employers as a part of the applicant profile.

About Us

Video Screening with real time insights

Video Screening to shortlist more effectively: Recruiters can also view candidates’ video summaries within their profiles to get a better feel for the applicant and conduct a pre-recorded video interview easily and conveniently from our platform before inviting them for an in-person interview.

We provide insights throughout the process, from the attractiveness of the role, to the motivations of the talent pool and the quality of your shortlist, to allow employers to have real time analytics to support your decision making.


We build identities for products with a clear concept of new identities, and also works with existing brands to create strong communications.

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We identify problems and needs to produce opportunities for helping product growth exponentially, defining product goal shaping a better user experience.

The Entrepreneur

Tulika Tripathi is a senior business leader with 18 years of experience in building and leading professional services & businesses across multiple geographies. Strong experience in managing regional and country level P&Ls since 2008 and a solid track record of success in leading and developing multi-cultural teams.

In her previous assignment she was the Managing Director- Asia for Hudson based out of Hong Kong. She also worked with Michael Page for close to a decade in various leadership roles across Switzerland, Singapore and India.

Tulika Tripathi

CEO & Founder


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