Knack helps gig-workers manage, communicate and promote their business directly from a phone or a tablet.


A fully integrated enterprise management tool

Knack is a digital solution helping individuals manage their businesses. It offers a fully integrated enterprise management tool for all self-employed professionals – be it a home tutor, hobby teacher, fitness trainer, photographer, beautician, dog trainer or anyone. Right from managing and scheduling appointments, tracking earnings and chasing clients for payments to engaging customers and marketing business, Knack automates and helps manage all this, and much more, directly from your phone.

Smart Automation

Approximately 13% of the global working population provides freelancing services and one in every 4 freelancers is an Indian. However, management of operations remains unorganized, fragmented and inefficient. Some of the challenges include the fact that client information is currently recorded on papers informally with a limited tracking of the business. Following up with clients and handling admin matters require 2-3 hours a day, which could instead be used to earn 40–60% more. Freelancers can’t plan their monthly finances owing to erratic payment cycles. Many shy asking clients for payments or following up constantly, which delay their earning cycles and affect income flow. Hiring admin personnel incurs a monthly cost of INR 8000–15000/per head, which a lot of them cannot afford. Inability to prove employment status and income mean they can’t access financial services.

About Us

SaaS Platform for seamless UI/UX

Knack is a cloud-based integrated SaaS platform accessible from all devices. It has many built-in features including Scheduling and Client Management System, Book-keeping and Accounts Handling, Digital Payments and Invoicing. It is a Multilingual platform with features like Marketing Automation, Content Sharing, Community Creation, Lead Generation and Management. Knack offers a seamless user experience with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Offering customized experience for each specific business type, its in-app intelligence auto generates insights viz. capacity utilization, client retention, cash flow trends, seasonality etc. It automates marketing and daily tasks including business notifications, payment and appointment reminders. A modular approach also allows flexibility to plug in any feature anywhere to serve multiple processes effectively. An API driven and flexible database architecture allows server efficiency and cost optimization.

Ease to Use

Knack as a mobile SaaS is easy to use, DIY configurable, installs on phone in 15 minutes and requires zero tech know-how.

Modular Approach

Knack’s modular approach offers flexibility to plug in any feature anywhere; whereas flexible database architecture allows server efficiency and cost optimization.

Easy Configurability

Featuring robust, scalable modern tech to support businesses and their data of any volume, Knack makes running a business a breeze for individuals.
The Entrepreneurs

Knack is co-founded by Pooja Sheth and Arjun Madhavan.

Pooja Sheth

Pooja is an M.Sc in Finance from Imperial College Business School, London and a graduate in management science from London School of Economics. She’s worked in equities with Barclays and Markit in London and in product and strategy verticals of Bombay Stock Exchange.

Arjun Madhavan

A graduate in Mathematics and Statistics from London School of Economics, Arjun also co-founded thinQbate and worked as the Head of Strategy and New Business Development at Assemblage, Mumbai, as Commercial and Business Development Genel Energy, London and as an M&A advisory at Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, London.


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Design & Delivery

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Future Ready

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