The online platform to help parents find reliable, curated information on parenting and baby care.


The Overview

KidsStopPress (KSP) is a discovery platform for parenting and baby care. The platform uses data science to provide parents and to-be parents with easy access to highly curated information across products and services. It is informative, helping make informed decisions therefore, betters parents’ experience. It is accessed from over 150 cities worldwide; affecting more than a million users.

Why is KSP Important?

India is a Unique Parenting Landscape as Indians parent differently. – culturally, socially and physically. A new mom is a magnet for unwarranted advice and needs a trusted partner to sieve through the information overload. The first 1000 days of parenting are dynamic and need specific attention. As there is an increase in the nuclear family set-up, the support system that existed previously is no longer available.However, parents’ aspiration for their child is now at an all time high, with parents’ spends increasing from and average of INR 6900 to an average of INR 14000 per child. Parenting is a milestone specific journey and few or no platforms have curated content accordingly.

About Us

Curated Content for Parents and to be Parents!

KSP’s innovative properties increase the depth and breadth of the platform to provide access to relevant, effective and reliable curated information to partners.
KSP Awards: KSP awards excellence in the Indian parenting and baby care ecosystem. This only of its kind award is in its 5th year with over 30 nominations and 60,000 votes.
KSP Code: With 55 brands on board, this subscription-based programme provides exclusive access/discounts to events, products and services.
KSP TV: Consistently providing original content across DIY, food, reviews, long series etc.
KSP Radio: It’s India’s only kid-focused radio series with versatile content.
Summer Camp: Annual age appropriate curated activities across different areas with relevant listings.

About Us

Sharing Interests Real-Time

Groups aim to build a strong community across different and relevant areas of interest for users to interact with other parents and experts in real-time. Therefore, we’ve developed an intelligent content creation and delivery system providing content through KSP’s website and app. Focusing content on key criteria viz. age, number of children, stages in a child's growth and school activities. The platform provides information on raising kids, support services, events, activities and diet tailored to every individual user. The content creation system uses natural language processing for automatic article categorization, suggestion and summarization to engage users.

Intelligent, Reliable Curation

KidsStopPress aims to provide an easy access to relevant, effective and reliable curated information on parenting.

Subscription Based Programme

KSP’s subscription based programme provides exclusive access/discounts to events, on products and services.

Real Time Interest Sharing

Community building in different areas of interests enables parents to interact and connect with experts in real time.

The Entrepreneur

KidsStopPress is founded by Mansi Zaveri – an MBA with 12 years of experience in Digital & Lifestyle Marketing. A veteran of FMCG, large format retail, fashion & lifestyle, start-ups and digital marketing, she uses her inter-personal and analytical abilities to manage projects and deliver results. Earlier, Mansi mined consumer insights for Ogilvy & Mather on a leading skincare brand, Pond’s (HUL) and Westside. Having managed premium retail side of renowned brands like FCUK and Calvin Klein Jeans, she understands the lifestyle space well and is able to connect with youths through online marketing efficiently.

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