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Believing in the power of data to empower the people of this country, our company aims to build India’s data repository that will enable us to provide data-driven solutions to tackle business, policy-level challenges and problems. We, at Data Sutram, vow to build India’s data repository, but with a different approach by creating and exposing a culture of data science enthusiasts among youths, instilling a learning experience among graduates and undergraduates of all circuits, providing healthy competition in a gamified reward-based platform and thus taking the new generation of the country to become better contributors to the future.

What makes Data Sutram stand apart? - Technology that collects, cleans, structures and forms India’s data repository from multiple sources including Census, ISRO, Satellite Imagery etc. Crowd-Sourcing Solutions - Culture of remote working that allows crowd-sourcing of solutions, utilizing the potential of the huge talent pool of students across colleges in the Eastern Parts of India. Data For Change - Empower social institutions, fight illiteracy & human trafficking by building data-driven solutions and AI tools. Vision - Founded & run by final year college undergraduates, we believe in exploring every unknown territory to possibly make an impact to improvise on lives of billion.

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About Us

Our features Build-India is one of our open-source projects that aim to build India’s data repository through cleaning, structuring external data present in form of PDFS, images and other formats and build Geospatial Relationships to understand its implications location-wise. We build Intelligent AI-driven Location Intelligence Tools & Smart Monitoring systems that use Satellite Data & our own Mass-Scale Gamified Survey Tools to validate and build hypotheses around an area to provide insight into business decisions.

The Statistical Billion: The Statistical Billion is an online gamified open-source platform where companies can outsource their work. The philosophy of this platform is on our belief to not hire but engage people through challenges & incentivizing them with rewards to create a competitive environment that encourages people to compete and provide solutions to earn rewards. We use our Internal App called ‘Feat’ for optimization of workforce. The Statistical Billion – refers to the potential impact that can be created by the youth of this country to improve the billions of lives of people in this country.

Founded by 4 Musketeers

About Us


Degree says he is an Electronics Engineer, heart says he is an entrepreneur, while his mind thrives on intuition and heuristics to decide and deliver.


Chemical engineer by chance, Statistician by choice. Loves to work with numbers and find patterns. Won’t pick up your call if stuck in a puzzle.


Has a background in electronics but is fascinated by all things tech. Believes himself to be a problem solver. Loves to travel and try new things.


Believes in the philosophy of computer science rather than just coding. Wants to double handedly, save the world from bad code.


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Identify opportunities to optimize business processes and performance with technology and data science.


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Turn your strategy into execution. World-class designs are matched with exceptional software development and execution to set your company apart.


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Evolve constantly to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for the future with the latest in technology and data science.